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The title song, "American Scream" strikes on the current mood of our world and country while "HammerFist" is a fight song for sure. "It touches on the feelings we all - at least all of us in RNC - have at times of conflict," relates Summers. "With the current culture of social media and it being easy to hide behind a screen many people forget what it's like to get punched in the mouth. Haha” added Taylor


"Long Time" talks about finding that love or enjoyment again from something. "We've all had that time where something that we love loses some of the joy and then something happens and you feel that original feeling again that had been lost come back." 


4-Bolt Main" comes from Mick's love of old cars, trucks and motorcycles. "It really is about the feeling of just hopping into a car, or old truck in this case, and taking off and just enjoying the moment and the journey instead of worrying about what's next," Chris explains. 


Lastly "SummerSong" is just a feel good party song. "It's about having some fun and shows some of our Texas roots. It's a reminder that sometimes you just have to enjoy life and it's ok to have a good time. Fun little side note, the working title was D-Cup," Summers reveals. 

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